Current Research

My science policy fellowship has allowed me to expand and delve into my research interests sideways of traditional academic research. My consistent interests include collaboration as a practice and object of study; communication of science; studying “up,” and social and environmental justice.

I am examining the current state of energy policy implementation and exploring the role social science has in this space. My emerging research interests include social consequences and contexts of energy R&D and policy, circular economy, discard studies, and organizational anthropology. I am also interested in building praxis-oriented bridges between anthropology and science policy. A supervisor asked me, can anthropologists also propose solutions in addition to providing critique? Reflecting on many conversations and time at academic-oriented conferences, this question feels vital to anthropology’s future as a discipline. In addition, I agree with many others who say our environmental and energy problems are not simply technical, but embedded within complex social, cultural, and political issues (for example, see Rice University’s energy humanities page).

As I navigate these topics, the following social science and energy resources have provided guidance: