Here are further resources that support my learning and practice as an anthropologist and human. Many of these groups and resources have demonstrated to me the necessity of community, in terms of fostering accountability and capacity for new ways of thinking and being. If you are interested in a particular topic or are seeking additional resources, please follow up and I’d be happy to send further information.

  • Mutual aid , antiracist practice, & climate change action 
  • A Visual History of Mutual Aid article by Ariel Aberg-Riger
  • Ward 4 Mutual Aid – part of DC/DMV network of many mutual aid groups and groups aiming to practice mutual aid – W4MA mainly supports food access, resource distribution and direct aid (cash assistance), and unhoused neighbor support.  It is my main organizing home.
  • Resource Generation – an organization that supports young people with class and financial privilege to learn about and practice wealth redistribution
  • Rooted Global Village , Resmaa Menakem, and Tawana Petty – teachers in embodied antiracist practice and culture
  • Buy Nothing Project – Hyperlocal gifting economy project
  • Suay Sew Shop – one example I love of thinking through community-centered environmental solutions especially for reuse – this shop in LA works to address fashion and textile waste – they repair clothing, reuse textiles into beautiful new products, host community dye baths, and distribute clothing for free
  • LinkedIn post from Piotr Drozd, summarizing climate action resources, including this excellent article by Dr. Katharine Wilkinson
  • The Solutions Project’s Justice40 Accelerator