In addition to being an anthropologist, I am involved in my local community in several ways:

  • I am invested in antiracist and intersectional social justice work in order to  dismantle oppressive systems. See my article here where I discuss this work and include links to people providing education on antiracist action and reflection. Local SURJ chapters in DC and SC , Southerners on New Ground, and many other organizations have provided me with guidance.
  • In addition to loving people, have a deep appreciation for plants and animals, particularly ethnobotany and ethnoecology. I have volunteered and worked with farmers on-farm as well as farmers markets since 2010. WWOOF has been instrumental for my hands-on learning from local farmers and growers.
  • I explore art, storytelling, and fiction—particularly speculative and science fiction—as tied to ethnography and anthropological practice. I have participated in story slams, I knit and paint, I write letters, I cook and bake–all of which constitute my creative practices. I have also developed educational resources on using fictional world-building as a radical imagining practice, taking inspiration from work such as the anthology Octavia’s Brood